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When casted, a round block of ice appears, acting as a trap towards those who touch it. Originally, Glacius is used to freeze and defuse the victim. Glacius is located inside a hidden room in the Astronomy Classroom. When entered the classroom, cast Alohomora on the first bookshelf on the right to reveal the secret room.

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History. Circa 1200 B.C. Trojan War with the Greeks. The witch Circe, mentioned on today's Chocolate Frog Cards, was powerful at this time, and stories passed down from the period contain early Muggle mentions of Mermaids, or Sirens.

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Flipendo (Flipendo): Golpea al oponente y lo aturde por por unos instantes. Un hechizo ofensivo sencillo. Fidelio (Fidelio): Encantamiento poderoso y complejo que esconde completamente la ubicación de una o varias personas, o bien una construcción. La ubicación solamente la conoce el guardián secreto, y mientras éste no se la revele a ...

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.ravenclaw.she/her.infj. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

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– A la cabina de telefono dale con la maxima potencia – Al panal de abejas de la izquierda, dale con un poco menos que el maximo. – Al auto, dale con una potencia de entre 2,5 y 3. – Al estanque, con una potencia entre 3 y 3,5. – Si no necesitaste este ultimo gnomo tiralo lo mas lejos que puedas.

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Flipendo Glacius Incendio Jelly-Legs Curse Leg-Locker Curse Levicorpus Petrificus Totalus Protego Protego Horribilis Protego Maxima Protego Totalum Sectumsempra Serpensortia Stickfast Hex Stupefy Tarantallegra Titillando Tongue-Tying Curse Verdimillious Verdimillious Duo Verdimillious Tria

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7.5 Flipendo 7.6 Furnunculus 8 G 8.1 Glacius 9 H 9.1 Herbivicus 9.2 Homenum Revelio ... 11.10 Lumos Maxima 12 M 12.1 Mobiliarbus 12.2 Mobilicorpus 12.3 Morsmordre 13 ...

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FLIPENDO Membuat cahaya seperti petir berwarna putih untuk mendorong target. Dipelajari tahun ke 1 dan 2. 58. FLAGRATE Membuat tali yang berapi – api , tali dapat menjadi berbagai bentuk 59. FLAGRANTE Membuat benda jika disentuh akan terbakar dengan sendirinya. Dapat disebut kutukan. 60.

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Flipendo Challenge - Collect 8 Challenge Stars and find 3 Secret Areas. Now the barrel will roll Learning the stronger version of Flipendo, FLIPENDO MAXIMA. With the help fo Badeea ali and Ben...

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Sep 20, 2018 · No flipendo? :P. krispy +1. Level 17. Jan 20, 2013 ... Can you accept sectumsempra and bombarda maxima? johnappleseed +1. Level 43. May 13, 2020. In my book its Prior ...

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Trylleformler i Harry Potter utføres vanligvis som en kombinasjon av en uttalt trylleformel (ofte modifiserte ord hentet fra latin) og bevegelse av tryllestaven.Det er også mulig å bruke magi uten tryllestav; avanserte hekser og trollmenn kan få sin magi til å fungere uten å uttale selve formelen ved hjelp av viljekraft.

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Jul 16, 2017 · Flipendo: Also knows as the Knockback Jinx, pushes or flips something backwards Furnunculus: Causes a person to break out in boils Geminio: Creates a duplicate of an item (a twin, as in the zodiacal sign Gemini).

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Maxima was a magical modifier attached to the end of a spell's incantation used to increase the power of the relevant spell, most likely to its maximum intensity. However, some spells were different when Maxima was added to the end of the incantation.

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Here is a list of non-canonical spells: .Everte Statia .Arania Exumai .Cistem Aperio .Lumos Duo .Lumos Maxima .Lumos Solem .Bombarda .Bombarda Maxima .Mucus ad Nauseaum .Colloshoo .Epoximise .Flipendo (Knockback Jinx) .Depulso .Ventus .Lacarnum Inflamarae .Incarcifors .Avifors .Ducklifors .Melofors .Steleus .Draconifors .Snufflifors .Valarte Ascendarae .Periculum .Vermillious .Verdimillius .Herbivicus .Aqua Eructo .Vipera Evarasca .Anteoculatia .Herbifors .Vermiculus etc. —Preceding ...

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Flipendo is an attack spell that causes targeted player to be knocked back and damaged. The spell will also break any brooms it hits. A single cast of flipendo deals about 15 damage. 「ハリーポッター」(ハリポタ)シリーズと「ファンタスティック・ビースト」(ファンタビ)シリーズの本(書籍)と映画に出てくる呪文の一覧です。 それぞれの呪文をクリックすれば各説明ページが表示されます。 呪文の英語・発音、語 …

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Bombarda Maxima Braquium Remendo (Cabeça de Bolha,Feitiço) (Cara-de-lesma, Feitiço) Carpe Retractum Colloportus Confringo, o Feitiço Detonador Confundus Conjunctivitus Crucio, a Maldição Cruciatus Defodio (Feitiço de Entalhe) Descendo Deletrius Densaugeo Deprimo (Desilusório, Feitiço) Diffindo Dissendium Draconifors Ebublio

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Flipendo. Pronúncia: Fli-pén-do (normalmente). Descrição:Empurra um objeto, para não muito distante. Variações: Lumos Solem Lumos Maxima.

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Pronúncia: A-lô-hô-MOH-ra Descrição: Usado para destrancar portas trancadas por chaves comuns, e não trancadas por magia. Visto/Mencionado: Usado em toda a série, o seu primeiro uso foi por Hermione Granger em Harry Potter e a Pedra Filosofal na porta do corredor do terceiro andar de Hogwarts (que estava à frente de Fofo ).

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